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KlinikBondage® is a German BDSM premium brand. Our restraint systems, inspired by clinical needs, stand out for their unique quality and innovative locking mechanism. Our mission is to help people fulfill their deepest desires.

KlinikBondage® superior product design

Discover the many advantages of our self-developed bondage products. Experience new dimensions of variety, comfort and pleasure.

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The Physio Practice Part 1

Finally a new order again! Actually a very simple one! Although Sara was actually doing very well economically and was independent, she had a small part-time job...

By Ligoteur

Other Articles

Asylum restraints

The Physio Practice Part 3

Curious, yet simultaneously cautious and almost hesitant, Sara began to slowly extend her hands towards the awaiting sleeve openings of the straitjacket, feeling the material. It indeed felt soft and smooth...

By Leo Lising
Clinic Bondage Story

The Physio Practice Part 2

At that moment, Sara felt a little tingly for the first time, but what else could she do but play along if she wanted to know exactly what was going on? And so she took off all her clothes except her bra, her little lace panties, a thong, all in white. While she was doing this, the doctor looked past her discreetly, without staring at her. Just as it should be...

By Leo Lising

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